How to Buy a Used Generator in 2024

Find the perfect commercial generator for your needs with this comprehensive guide.
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How to Buy a Used Generator in 2024
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Buying a used generator is a cost-effective way to get reliable power for your commercial business. With supply chain disruptions still affecting the delivery of new power equipment in 2024, purchasing a used generator can also be the fastest way to solve your power problem. 

While there are many advantages to buying a used generator over a new one, finding the right generator at the best price is challenging. In this blog, we'll cover everything you need to know about buying used generators, including how to determine your requirements, evaluate used generators, and negotiate a fair price. Whether purchasing a used generator online, through an auction, or from a generator company, this guide will provide the tips and tricks you need to find the perfect generator for your needs in 2024.

Determining Your Generator Requirements

Before you begin your search for a used generator, it's essential to determine your requirements. Knowing your generator requirements is critical in choosing the right generator for your situation and avoiding costly mistakes. Here are some crucial Factors to consider:

  1. Application: What will you use the generator for? Emergency standby power for your business? Continuous power for a work site with no grid connection?
  2. Power output: Determine the necessary power output to meet your energy requirements, considering the number and types of devices you need to power. If you need help on this step, contacting a generator expert for a professional opinion would be a good idea.
  3. Fuel type: Generators typically run on diesel, natural gas, or propane. Consider the fuel type that best suits your needs and is readily available in your area.
  4. Portability: Depending on your intended use, you may need a portable generator or a stationary one with a more robust setup.
  5. Noise level: Noise levels vary across different generator models. Consider the environment where the generator will be used and choose one with an acceptable noise level.

Buying Used Generators from Online Marketplaces

Buying a used generator from an online marketplace can be a great option, but it has pros and cons. One significant benefit of online buying is the broader selection of used generators available. However, there is a risk of scams and fraud, and evaluating used generators remotely can be challenging. When buying a used generator online, choosing the right seller and thoroughly assessing the generator's photos, specifications, and condition is essential. Contacting the seller and asking questions is crucial in ensuring you get the right generator for your needs.

Online sellers often list power equipment for above market value in anticipation of lowball offers and expect a negotiation to occur. Be prepared to haggle if you find relevant listings on Facebook, Kijiji, eBay, or other online marketplaces! For this reason, purchasing a generator from these websites can be time-consuming and requires a lot of messaging back and forth with various individual sellers before you strike a deal.

Buying a Used Generator Through an Auction

Buying a used generator through an auction can be a great way to get a high-quality generator at a reasonable price. Auctions offer many used generators, and you can often find generators in excellent condition. 

Buying through an auction also has risks; The generator may not be in the condition described, and you may end up paying more than the generator is worth if you get caught up in a bidding war. Finding a reputable auction house and understanding the auction process is essential. With proper preparation and research, buying a used generator through an auction can be a great way to find a high-quality generator at a reasonable price. 

Being prepared for an auction involves:

  • Inspecting the generator
  • Independently researching the generator's value
  • Setting a maximum bid
  • Being ready to pay for the transportation and logistics considerations

Purchasing from a Generator Company or Dealer

Buying from a generator company or dealer is a convenient option that guarantees a reliable and accurate price upfront. Generator companies take in older equipment on trade all the time and have the tools and expertise to refurbish them in-house. Researching and finding a reputable generator company is crucial in ensuring you get the right generator for your needs. 

Another benefit of purchasing used equipment from a generator company is that they can offer financing or lease options and warranty options that aren't available from private sellers or auction houses.

Inspecting and Testing a Used Generator

If you buy directly from a seller online or through an auction house that doesn't offer a warranty, inspecting and testing a used generator is essential in ensuring that the generator is in good condition and will meet your power needs. A thorough inspection involves evaluating the engine, alternator, control panel, and fuel system. Testing the generator consists of starting and running the generator and load testing to determine how the generator performs under a heavy load. Seeking professional assistance from a mechanic or generator technician is a good idea and vital if you're uncomfortable with the technology.


In conclusion, buying a used generator in 2024 doesn't have to be daunting. However, buying from a reputable generator company or dealer is often the best option if you're looking for convenience, reliability, and worry-free ownership. By determining your generator requirements and choosing the most suitable buying method, you can find a high-quality generator at a reasonable price that is ready to use immediately.

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How to Buy a Used Generator in 2024
T&T Power Group. 18 April, 2024
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